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"...she managed the launches that we did. And over the course of that year and a half, those launches brought in over seven figures in revenue and Dee made them seem so easy and they just went by without a hitch." 
E-Course Creator, Business Mentor, 
Host of the Limitless Life Podcast,
Hi Chica! I'm Dee

Your Launch Co-Pilot here...on standby ready when you are!

The Ultimate Webinar Roadmap has been developed from my experience over the last 4 years behind-the-scenes managing online launches for 6, 7 & 8-figure female entrepreneurs, which helped them generate over 3M in launch revenue.

Now I'm ready to create a bigger impact helping more female coaches, consultants and professional service business owners grow their businesses using launches as a power tool strategy because I've seen the impact they can have in growing an online business quickly if you know how.

Unfortunately, I see too many woman struggling to get the results from launches that I know is possible so they get their work out into the hands of those they can impact. While also creating their own financial freedom. And I want to change that for women just like you so you can avoid that devastation. 

Your unique brilliance and well of wisdom deserve to be shared and I believe it's necessary for our world to heal and grow. 

It's a tragedy of our time if you leave this world with all that goodness still locked inside. 

Without understanding how to strategize and plan a launch, you will waste your time...days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, stuck in Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day and struggling to find time to do the things that really matter in your business.

With it, you can understand the full picture of what launching means and design a launch strategy and plan that works for you and the audience you want to serve and the offer you want to share. Allowing you time to create impact you want to make and the fulfillment you're craving in your life instead!  

Happy "Launch" Dance!

      xx Dee

Your Ultimate Launch Success Roadmap is only a click away... 

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